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Properly aligned, straight teeth not only offer a confident smile, but they are often healthier and easier to keep clean. Dental concerns (such as overcrowding of the teeth and a poorly aligned bite) might also lead to long-term health issues that could affect your eating and speaking abilities, and they can be costly to repair. In an effort to help people experience the advantages of an attractive, healthy smile, our office is pleased to offer Invisalign aligners to our New York, NY patients. The Invisalign treatment process works using removable, clear teeth aligners to provide a more discreet appearance and a comfortable treatment option over traditional metal braces. Find out if Invisalign orthodontics are an ideal choice for your oral health needs by scheduling an appointment at East Village Dental Center today.

Adults and teenagers who prefer a discreet solution to orthodontics instead of traditional braces might be excellent candidates for Invisalign clear aligners. This solution can be suitable for resolving malocclusion (an underbite, crossbite, open bite, or overbite), narrow dental arches, crooked or overcrowded teeth, and spaces between teeth. Resolving such issues may allow for improved jaw function, comfort, and speaking and eating abilities. Clear teeth aligners are also easy to remove from the mouth, enabling patients to eat their favorite snacks with no restrictions and brush and floss their teeth without wires and brackets interfering with their efforts. During your appointment at our New York City office, we will take dental radiographs and then perform an assessment to help ascertain if Invisalign aligners are a suitable solution for your goals.

Came in for retainers , was told they will come in 2 weeks for them to come in, but it actually took a week for them to come in Box Came with 4 upper and 4 lower which I was told would last me for up to 10 years and it feels wayyyy better than the transparent retainers I got from my other orthodontist back in 2012 and the retainers are made by Invisalign Vivera brand

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Invisalign orthodontics work through a set of discreet removable mouth trays that incrementally direct your teeth into their optimal place. To begin your treatment, our staff will take an impression of your mouth, which will be sent to a designated lab where your customized aligners will be made. When these aligners are sent to our dental center, we will have you come in to try on your beginning set and discuss instructions on how to wear them. These Invisalign aligners should be kept in the mouth for at least 20 – 22 hours each day and removed only prior to brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth, eating snacks or meals, or drinking. Approximately every 7 – 14 days, you will change out your current set of aligners for the next in line. A member of our team will help you schedule monthly orthodontic assessments so our experienced Invisalign dentist can oversee your progress.

The time spent undergoing Invisalign treatments will differ depending on your personal needs and cosmetic goals; however, most patients use their clear aligner trays for around 1 – 2 years. When your orthodontic treatment is done, it's imperative to prevent unwanted shifting by wearing a set of retainers. Custom-made Vivera® retainers are constructed with the same comfortable substance as Invisalign teeth aligners and are custom-designed in the Invisalign laboratory. After they arrive at East Village Dental Center, a member of our staff will show you how to wear your retainers, as well as how to maintain them. We will continue to track the alignment of your teeth and your bite during your regular visits.

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Invisalign treatment could be covered in part under your dental insurance. Before getting started, one of our billing specialists can go through your plan details and determine any outstanding treatment costs. We will also contact your insurance provider to see how we can best optimize your benefits. East Village Dental Center is pleased to accept a number of payment solutions, like easy payment plans and low-interest dental financing, to help make orthodontic treatment more convenient and affordable.

Address crowded teeth or enhance an uneven bite with Invisalign technology. These transparent aligner trays from East Village Dental Center effectively shift teeth to improve your comfort and function providing an attractive, confident smile both during and after treatments. Request a consultation at our New York, NY practice to learn more about what to expect with Invisalign treatment or to begin your orthodontic treatment today.

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