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Trying to find quick help during a dental emergency can be a worrisome, uncomfortable situation. Sports accidents, physical altercations, tripping over something, or merely biting into hard foods can all cause an unexpected dental issue. Our dedicated team offers prompt emergency dentistry in Manhattan's East Village. We routinely treat many different emergency dental concerns, including weakened fillings, oral pain, and dislodged or cracked teeth. A dental injury doesn't always result in pain; therefore, it's really important to get your teeth looked at for any unrealized trauma when a situation such as those listed above occurs. We always suggest erring on the side of caution; if you're not sure if you should come in, feel free to give our office a call and we can let you know if immediate care is needed. At East Village Dental Center, we always strive to offer emergency care for New York, NY residents as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Everyone can be affected by a dental emergency. Some more common dental emergencies include acute or chronic tooth pain, knocked-out or cracked teeth, developing an abscess, lost restorations (such as fillings and crowns), soft tissue bleeding or sensitivity, and any dental trauma. Getting the urgent dental attention you need as promptly as possible is the most reliable method to relieve tooth discomfort and safeguard your oral health. Sometimes, it could mean the difference between salvaging a tooth or not. Due to the fact that even small damage and sensitivity can lead to larger concerns if not treated right away, your best option is to call East Village Dental Center immediately for any type of dental emergency.

I came in with a dental emergency and they were able to help me, The dentist and staff are amazing!! I can’t thanks them enough. Will definitely be back and recommend this place to my friends and family.

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Methods of treatment for emergency dental problems will vary depending on the emergency. During your appointment, one of our talented dental doctors will carefully evaluate your specific concerns before rendering a diagnosis. Oral imaging could be done to look for internal trauma to the tooth roots and bone tissue. Once we determine the extent of your dental problem, we will review your treatment options. At East Village Dental Center, the most important concern of an emergency dental appointment is to reduce tooth discomfort and identify any trauma. We want to reinstate the use, appeal, and general health of your teeth as quickly as we can. However, follow-up procedures could be needed.

As part of your evaluation at East Village Dental Center, someone on our dental staff will explain how to best care for your mouth post-treatment based on your particular dental emergency. In some cases, we may write you a prescription for a pain reliever or an antibiotic to avoid inflammation. When your dental emergency has been addressed, we can give you advice on how to protect your mouth from future damage, which could include a personalized athletic mouth guard. Sticking to good dental hygiene routines is essential while you recover. We will keep track of your healing when you come in for your twice-yearly dental cleanings.

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Part of your dental emergency exam might be included in your dental insurance coverage. Our experienced staff can guide you in understanding your plan and talk to you about any likely out-of-pocket costs. If needed, we will get in touch with your insurance provider to understand how we can best optimize your coverage. In order to make comprehensive dental treatment more accessible, East Village Dental Center is pleased to accept several kinds of flexible financial methods.

Whenever your family needs emergency dental attention, East Village Dental Center is ready to lend a hand. The last thing you want to do after an emergency is search endlessly for an available dentist, which is why we are proud to offer emergency dental care when our Manhattan East Village patients need it. Our caring team moves swiftly to ease tooth discomfort, treat dental trauma, and dispel any anxiety from emergencies. For prompt, high-quality emergency dentistry services, get in touch with our New York City office right away.

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