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Odontoplasty, also known as tooth reshaping, is a cosmetic procedure performed to reshape a tooth. At East Village Dental Center, our team of cosmetic dentists performs this procedure using state-of-the-art handheld tools to remove small bits of tooth enamel in order to create a better shape, size, or length of the tooth. If you have one or more teeth that bother you aesthetically, contact our New York, NY office to schedule a consultation.

Odontoplasty is a great treatment option if you're looking to enhance your smile by improving the overall look of your teeth. Some reasons our Manhattan East Village patients choose odontoplasty include:

  • Address chipped or cracked teeth
  • Reduce abnormally long teeth
  • Adjust oddly shaped teeth
  • Correct bite issues
  • Remove the bumps on teeth left over from braces

If you're wondering if odontoplasty is right for you, our team of cosmetic dentists can sit down with you to learn about your concerns and overall goals of treatment to decide if this or another form of cosmetic dentistry would be best for you. You may not qualify for this procedure if you have naturally thin enamel or the overall health and wellness of your teeth is not satisfactory to undergo the procedure.

Update [3/23/2023]: The office manager called me and assured me they will note my concerns and look to conduct better care of patients moving forward. I felt she was sincere and have since updated my review. I hope they continue to work on their patient care / Customer service as they are a vital health care facility in the community. Updated 1/30/2023 - Not sure what’s happened at East Village Dental however I think it’s a change in the management team that handles customer service. While they have updated the way they conduct business when you call they rarely pick up the phone, they do not return calls, they don’t have an emergency line for concerns post surgery. After an uncovering I developed canker sores and called them for a follow up they told me they’d call me back and instead I went the entire weekend in pain (see attached photo at your discretion). I did use warm water and salt to soothe the area but maybe they could have prescribed something to alleviate the pain which led to several days of headaches. There was little concern about my pain/discomfort which I’m very surprised from a place that I really liked and highly recommended just 1-2 years ago. After my crowns are in place I’m not sure I’ll go to them for a cleaning letting alone any serious oral surgery. Until they get a team that’s actually concerned about the customer/Patient stay away from EVD.

J.L. Google

Excellent communication and kind staff. I have been coming here for ten years and I'm always kindly greeted, and well informed on the treatment expected. Highly recommended if you haven't found that dental clinic that leaves you feeling like that's the one. They are very professional and very efficient, as well as very accommodating. Cheerio

A.A. Yelp

Excellent communication and kind staff. I have been coming here for ten years and I’m always kindly greeted, and well informed on the treatment expected. Highly recommended if you haven’t found that dental clinic that leaves you feeling like that’s the one. They are very professional and very efficient, as well as very accommodating. Cheerio

A.A. Yelp

A wonderful practice! Both in their care and bedside manner, East Village Dental Center delivers ideal experiences. They’ve been serving my family and the community at large for many years. The receptionists are so nice and welcoming. The hygienist hooked me up with a painless cleaning and the doc was lovely. One can witness how imperative the reception desk being bilingual is here and how courtesy, a smile, cleanliness and quality care are so important to the diverse demographic that surrounds this gem. It’s walking distance for me, but I’d travel here if it wasn’t! Bravo!

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Let me start by saying this dental office is for the community 100%, they are transparent about pricing from the moment you talk to them unlike many dentists in the area which I appreciated! Vanessa and Christine are funny , sweet, honest and understanding ! They took my concerns and budget seriously. Never met receptionists that are compassionate until these two! They squeezed me last minute ( literally) in and the dentist whose name was Amish was so informative and explained my crown procedure. Thank you all!! See you soon !! My two sisters get services here now I see why! 💚💚💚

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Your odontoplasty procedure should only take around 30 minutes and typically does not require any anesthesia. To perform this procedure, your dentist will use a small handheld device to remove small pieces of enamel layer by layer. If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, we will smooth out the edges to match the appearance of your other teeth. During this treatment, we're essentially thinning out your tooth enamel to create an even and seamless-looking smile. There are no nerves or blood vessels in the enamel of the tooth, so it's a relatively simple procedure that shouldn't cause much discomfort if any at all.

After your tooth reshaping procedure, you can get back to your normal everyday routine. You shouldn't have to worry about pain, bleeding, or swelling with this procedure, but you might notice that your teeth are a little sensitive to hot and cold foods or beverages. This will subside naturally. It's important to maintain your oral health routine at home, so you should brush twice daily and floss once a day. We also suggest avoiding hard foods like hard candies or ice. If you have any questions or concerns after your treatment, feel free to reach out to our New York City staff.

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Typically, odontoplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure, so it's often not covered by insurance providers. However, we will review your policy and contact your insurance company to see how we can maximize your benefits. We want to make it easy and convenient to get the dental care you desire, so we accept a variety of payment options and can help you find low-interest medical financing if you'd like.

If you have a tooth that is chipped, abnormally long, an odd shape, or something else, you might feel a bit deflated when you smile. At East Village Dental Center, we make it easy to craft the smile of your dreams. We are proud to offer our patients odontoplasty (tooth reshaping) in order to create a smile that looks and feels great. To learn more about this simple procedure, contact our New York, NY office to request a one-on-one consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists.

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