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If gum (periodontal) disease has progressed into the more complex phases, you may develop gum recession. This causes a raised gumline and visible tooth roots. At East Village Dental Center, part of your gum disease therapy might include gum grafting, otherwise known as a soft tissue graft, to revive your gumline. With several different graft choices, our dental team can create your personal treatment plan to restore your gums. Get in touch with our office in New York, NY to learn more about how gum grafting can repair your gums, cover your teeth, and also enhance the overall look of your smile.

Usually, gums grafts are performed to fix gum recession brought on by gum disease. This could cause your gumline to become higher and your gums to pull back from your teeth. Exposed tooth roots can result in increased sensitivity. Other reasons that might cause or lead to gum recession are aggressive tooth brushing or using a bad technique, chronic jaw clenching or teeth grinding (bruxism), and dental misalignment. Sometimes, oral piercings (tongue or lip) can irritate the gums and cause recession. During a private and confidental consultation, we can discuss your desires, review your oral health, and decide if this gum restoration procedure is right for you.

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We offer a few different kinds of gum grafts at our New York City office based on your particular needs.

  • Connective-tissue grafts are the most common type used to correct root exposure. This starts by making an incision in the roof of your mouth to create a small flap of skin. The connective tissue is removed from the flap and attached to your gums.
  • Free gingival graft is comparable except that more tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth to increase particularly thin gums.
  • Pedicle graft removes extra gum tissue from one area to cover your tooth roots.

At your initial consultation, we will help you select the best type of graft to meet your goals.

After your gum replacement procedure, you should plan to recover for a few days. We will go over your aftercare instructions in detail before you leave, including dietary suggestions and any prescription medications you need to take. You might feel some discomfort or pain for a short amount of time after your operation; however, this can be reduced with cold packs and over-the-counter pain medication. To avoid damaging the grafts, you shouldn't brush or floss while your gums heal. We will recommend a rinse to help keep your mouth clean. You may need to come back in for another appointment so we can monitor your healing and improvements.

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A member of our team will get in touch with your insurer and confirm your coverage and see how we can best optimize your benefits. For out-of-pocket costs and also for patients with no dental insurance, East Village Dental Center takes several payment methods. Prior to creating your treatment plan, we will discuss your estimated costs. We can also give you information about medical financing to help make your procedure easier to afford.

Gum grafting surgery is a restorative dental treatment at East Village Dental Center used to repair the gums, improve dental health, and help make your smile more appealing. If you have gum recession because of advanced gum disease or other reasons, schedule a consultation with our dental team at our office in New York, NY to find out more about the benefits of gum graft surgery.

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