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Osseous surgery, also known as gum surgery, is done for both restorative and cosmetic dental problems. Often gum surgery is performed as a treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease. This occurs when plaque and bacteria get trapped in the pockets under the gumline. The buildup may lead to toxins that may affect your gums, teeth, jawbone, and ligaments. Depending on how advanced your condition is, there are two types of gum surgery performed at East Village Dental Center for treating periodontitis — gingival flap surgery and gingivectomy. Our team of dental surgeons offers these gum surgeries to eradicate gum disease in its advanced stages and help restore your smile. For more information, contact our New York, NY office to schedule a consultation.

A candidate for surgery on the gums would be an individual diagnosed with advanced gum disease that may no longer be fully treated with a nonsurgical scaling and root planing procedure. Generally at this stage, the condition has begun to affect the tooth roots and could even be infecting your facial bones and ligaments. You may have visibly swollen gums that are causing pain, loose teeth, or pus on your teeth and gums. Your gums may be overgrown (creating a "gummy" smile) or receding so too much enamel is showing.

Update [3/23/2023]: The office manager called me and assured me they will note my concerns and look to conduct better care of patients moving forward. I felt she was sincere and have since updated my review. I hope they continue to work on their patient care / Customer service as they are a vital health care facility in the community. Updated 1/30/2023 - Not sure what’s happened at East Village Dental however I think it’s a change in the management team that handles customer service. While they have updated the way they conduct business when you call they rarely pick up the phone, they do not return calls, they don’t have an emergency line for concerns post surgery. After an uncovering I developed canker sores and called them for a follow up they told me they’d call me back and instead I went the entire weekend in pain (see attached photo at your discretion). I did use warm water and salt to soothe the area but maybe they could have prescribed something to alleviate the pain which led to several days of headaches. There was little concern about my pain/discomfort which I’m very surprised from a place that I really liked and highly recommended just 1-2 years ago. After my crowns are in place I’m not sure I’ll go to them for a cleaning letting alone any serious oral surgery. Until they get a team that’s actually concerned about the customer/Patient stay away from EVD.

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Excellent communication and kind staff. I have been coming here for ten years and I'm always kindly greeted, and well informed on the treatment expected. Highly recommended if you haven't found that dental clinic that leaves you feeling like that's the one. They are very professional and very efficient, as well as very accommodating. Cheerio

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Excellent communication and kind staff. I have been coming here for ten years and I’m always kindly greeted, and well informed on the treatment expected. Highly recommended if you haven’t found that dental clinic that leaves you feeling like that’s the one. They are very professional and very efficient, as well as very accommodating. Cheerio

A.A. Yelp

A wonderful practice! Both in their care and bedside manner, East Village Dental Center delivers ideal experiences. They’ve been serving my family and the community at large for many years. The receptionists are so nice and welcoming. The hygienist hooked me up with a painless cleaning and the doc was lovely. One can witness how imperative the reception desk being bilingual is here and how courtesy, a smile, cleanliness and quality care are so important to the diverse demographic that surrounds this gem. It’s walking distance for me, but I’d travel here if it wasn’t! Bravo!

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Let me start by saying this dental office is for the community 100%, they are transparent about pricing from the moment you talk to them unlike many dentists in the area which I appreciated! Vanessa and Christine are funny , sweet, honest and understanding ! They took my concerns and budget seriously. Never met receptionists that are compassionate until these two! They squeezed me last minute ( literally) in and the dentist whose name was Amish was so informative and explained my crown procedure. Thank you all!! See you soon !! My two sisters get services here now I see why! 💚💚💚

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During your osseous surgery, we will make small incisions on your gums so we can remove decay, plaque, and tartar from your gum pockets. In some cases, we may reshape the bone that is anchoring your teeth or perform a bone graft or something else in order to correct lost bone volume. From there, we'll suture your gums and put a dressing over them to help them heal.

After your surgery, you might have pain or inflammation. This is normal, and we will help you understand the best ways to manage your pain and help your gums heal at home. We may prescribe antibiotics or pain medication to help after your surgery. Some common suggestions we give our patients when healing from gum surgery include:

  • Eat a soft-food diet (mashed potatoes, yogurt, smoothies)
  • Ease pain with an ice pack
  • Use salt water to rinse your mouth
  • Don't brush areas where surgery was performed
  • Don't smoke

After your gums have healed, it is important that you continue to maintain an effective oral hygiene regimen to avoid future infections with daily flossing and brushing. Bi-annual dental cleanings at our New York City office will help remove tartar and plaque that accumulate on your enamel and stop gum disease from reoccurring. At your annual dental examination, we will analyze your mouth to ensure your gums have properly healed and the problem has been fully treated.

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Gum surgery is typically deemed medically necessary, so at least a part of the cost will probably be paid by your insurance provider. Prior to your procedure, our office will talk to your insurance company to calculate any personal costs. To make your treatment easy to afford, East Village Dental Center accepts many payment methods, including medical financing.

Periodontal (gum) disease needs to be treated since it can cause bigger problems like tooth loss, heart disease, and diabetes. Surgery on the gums at East Village Dental Center is usually a good option to correct severe gum disease and improve your smile. To learn more about osseous surgery (gum surgery), contact our office in New York, NY to request a consultation.

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