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Single teeth that have been subjected to extensive damage or tooth decay can typically be treated with a crown restoration. Our modern facility provides dental crowns to New York, NY patients to help cover and protect the aesthetics of a tooth while also restoring its normal function. Crown restorations are custom-designed to blend beautifully with existing teeth and are frequently used to restore health to teeth that are fractured, decayed, malformed, and more. These restorations may also be combined into a unit to serve as a bridge or placed over single dental implants to replace a missing tooth. Request an appointment with our dental team at East Village Dental Center to discover whether a customized crown can restore your oral health and smile.

Dental crowns are common among many individuals and can help restore function and appearance to the teeth. You may need to have a dental crown performed to repair several oral health concerns, including:

  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Tooth erosion or wear
  • Odd-shaped or discolored teeth
  • Significant areas of decay
  • Replacement of large, failing fillings
  • Teeth that have been treated endodontically
  • Dental bridges for replacing missing teeth
  • Completion of individual dental implants

At our New York City office, crown restorations can be placed on the back and front teeth and might be crafted from all-ceramic or other types of aesthetic materials, porcelain fused to metal, or precious metal (like gold). Our expert dental professionals will examine your tooth and help you select the best type of dental crown for your individual oral needs and smile desires.

Doctor Estrada is the best! He makes amazing crowns!

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Updated 1/30/2023 - Not sure what’s happened at East Village Dental however I think it’s a change in the management team that handles customer service. While they have updated the way they conduct business when you call they rarely pick up the phone, they do not return calls, they don’t have an emergency line for concerns post surgery. After an uncovering I developed canker sores and called them for a follow up they told me they’d call me back and instead I went the entire weekend in pain (see attached photo at your discretion). I did use warm water and salt to soothe the area but maybe they could have prescribed something to alleviate the pain which led to several days of headaches. There was little concern about my pain/discomfort which I’m very surprised from a place that I really liked and highly recommended just 1-2 years ago. After my crowns are in place I’m not sure I’ll go to them for a cleaning letting alone any serious oral surgery. Until they get a team that’s actually concerned about the customer/Patient stay away from EVD. Update [3/23/2023]: The office manager did call me and assured me that they will note my concerns and look to conduct better care of patients moving forward. I did feel she was sincere and have since then updated my review. I hope they continue to work on their patient care services as they are a vital team in the community.

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The dental crown process for New York City residents usually takes place within one visit. To start, one of our highly-trained dentists will anesthetize your tooth and gums and may provide sedation services to elevate your comfort if you prefer. Once the damaged area is cleaned out, an impression of the tooth will be captured and utilized to generate your personalized crown. Thanks to the state-of-the-art CEREC® technology we use at our Manhattan East Village facility, we can often create the crown on the same day. If necessary, an interim crown can be worn on your tooth to sustain oral function and a natural-looking appearance while your customized crown is being constructed.

After your crown has been placed, your custom restoration will be adjusted to make certain your teeth come together evenly. A member of our staff will discuss the recommended way to take care of your restoration and go over effective brushing and flossing techniques. When you visit for your regular dental exams, one of our practitioners will assess the condition of your crown along with your comprehensive oral wellness. With ideal care, a dental restoration can help maintain your tooth for several years. In the instance that your crown ever feels dislodged or is no longer attached to your tooth, we urge you to contact us right away. Attempting to repair or glue it back on yourself may cause damage to your restoration and tooth.

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Depending on your particular dental coverage, part of your crown procedure cost could be covered by your dental insurance benefits. Prior to your visit, our team will reach out to your dental insurance carrier and help you get the most from your plan. To make covering any outstanding expenses more affordable, East Village Dental Center accepts a number of payment solutions, including low-cost medical financing.

Tooth decay, cracked teeth, and similar problems may be best repaired with a custom crown. This type of dental restoration is provided at East Village Dental Center in order to help prevent further issues while restoring ideal function and beauty to your tooth. Call our New York, NY office to book an appointment with our dental team to learn if a crown or another restoration is best for your oral health goals.

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