General Dentistry

Dental Exam

Yearly dental exams play a crucial role in maintaining oral health and identifying issues such as decay and oral cancer as early as possible.

Dental Cleaning

Bi-annual dental cleanings are an important aspect of maintaining your oral health and can help catch signs of decay, disease, or cancer early on.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies don't only occur when it's convenient for you; that's why we offer flexible emergency dental care when you need it.

Root Canals

When an infection reaches the inner tooth, called the pulp, a root canal may be necessary in order to save the tooth and restore your oral health.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding can cause issues like neck and jaw pain, tooth pain, and headaches; if you're waking up with pain, you may need a custom night guard.

Laser Dental Treatments

Dental laser therapy is used for restorative and cosmetic procedures and is typically less invasive, with greater results, than traditional methods.

Dental Technology

Dental technologies can help identify damage to the teeth, cavities, and more and may minimize appointment time and provide quicker recovery.
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