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Fortunately, if gum (periodontal) disease is diagnosed in the first stage — often called gingivitis — it might be addressed with a professional teeth cleaning and improved at-home oral health habits. However, when your gum condition progresses to the following phase, known as periodontitis, we often recommend scaling and root planing (SRP) treatments. SRP is a noninvasive gum disease treatment option that removes buildup, tartar, and dangerous bacteria from behind the gumline. To conduct this procedure, our highly trained New York, NY dental hygienists even out the outer portions of your tooth roots within periodontal pockets with extremely fine dental tools. Root scraping, as it's sometimes called, can offer a better atmosphere for your gums and halt the progression of periodontal disease. If you exhibit indications of periodontal disease, schedule an evaluation at East Village Dental Center to learn more about scaling and root planing and how we can help you correct gum disease before it causes long-term oral and overall harm.

You may be an ideal candidate for SRP treatments if you have red or sensitive gums, halitosis, gumline separation, or other signs of gum disease. At your bi-annual teeth cleanings and annual dental exams, we will assess the regions dividing your teeth and gums. In cases where these spaces are more than 3 mm deep and our x-rays show that bone loss has taken place, we will likely suggest SRP therapy. This periodontal disease treatment can reduce the size of your gum pockets, which can let you more easily clean your gums. Gum disease that is diagnosed in the periodontitis phase is often addressed with SRP therapy at East Village Dental Center.

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When you come in for scaling and root planing at our New York City office, it is generally done in quadrants of your mouth over a period of 1 – 4 visits. To ensure that you feel comfortable during your visit(s), we will desensitize your mouth by utilizing a local anesthetic. When you are okay to begin, our team will use an advanced root scaler and handheld instruments to delicately remove tartar and plaque from inside your gum pockets. The tooth root surfaces are then smoothed, or planed, to minimize the spots where disease-causing bacteria can accumulate. Topically delivered antibiotics may also be administered deep into the periodontal pockets to enhance gum wellness and control bacterial growth. While the idea of scaling and root planing might sound daunting, this is a relatively routine procedure and can largely improve your oral health.

You will likely experience some tenderness and gum sensitivity after your treatment, which could linger for a few days. These irritations can generally be eased with nonprescription pain medication and warm saline rinses. Using a great dental hygiene routine, like careful tooth brushing and flossing each day, is necessary for maintaining your periodontal health. We may also advise that you receive periodic periodontal maintenance treatments to reduce the chances of further infections and better care for your periodontal wellness. These periodontal cleaning sessions are typically scheduled every 3 – 4 months and stand in for routine dental cleanings. If you have any questions about how to better care for your teeth at home, we're happy to help you create an at-home care routine and show you how to best brush and care for your teeth.

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East Village Dental Center is proud to perform scaling and root planing, an effective periodontal disease treatment approach that might be covered partially by certain insurance programs. If you have dental insurance, our team will call your provider to determine your complete benefits before figuring out any out-of-pocket costs. We always do our best to optimize your insurance benefits. Our office accepts multiple payment options, like low-interest payment programs, to help ensure that your dental treatment is more convenient.

Learning that you have advanced stages of gum disease may be scary at first; however, it's feasible to take care of and stop the problems caused by periodontal disease with scaling and root planing. At East Village Dental Center, our team provides routine scaling and root planing to treat the final stages of gum disease and help halt its progression. Set up a gumline evaluation with one of our dental doctors at our New York, NY office to learn how to recover from gum disease and obtain optimal oral health.

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