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Yearly dental exams allow you to take an active step to retain the wellness of your smile and your oral health. An annual oral exam at East Village Dental Center looks for tooth caries (cavities), periodontal disease, cancer of oral tissues, and different problems that might be hurting your oral and total health. Usually carried out at regular dental cleaning appointments, standard exams enable our dental team to evaluate your teeth, gum tissues, bite alignment, jawbone, and additional oral features. Exams are usually the easiest way to ensure we detect oral concerns as early as possible. In order to maintain the health and look of your teeth, set up a routine oral examination at our New York, NY office as soon as possible!

Roughly 50,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. We know a diagnosis like this is scary; however, this condition may be incredibly treatable when detected early. Oral cancer is the fast-developing growth of cells that may occur inside of or near the mouth, like on the lips, cheeks, tongue, salivary glands, jaws, or throat, among other oral structures. Our team in Manhattan's East Village carries out an oral cancer evaluation at every comprehensive exam to detect nonmalignant growths, malignant cells, or additional concerning developments. The normal symptoms of oral cancer are sores, lumps, bulging or coarse areas, and red or white patches of tissue. Certain regions in question may be removed and analyzed, or you might be referred to a physician for further treatment.

Quick and thorough examination and a super kind team of hygienist, front desk and doctor Jackson.

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Was impressed by Dr Matthew Hausserman - his skill, professional expertise and calm and easy manner which is very reassuring. He explains procedures thoroughly and addresses any concerns and questions. This office offers great service and expert dental care.

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To start this off, I had some issues with my last dentist so I went on a limb and picked this dentist (East Village Dental Center) and I can honestly say for my first time going today that everything was great from the receptionist staff to just overall the whole dental treatment to myself. I will definitely be recommending this place to everyone that I know. I wish all dentist offices would take some notes from this place on what it is to provide great services. Thanks for making my visit a great one East Village Dental Center!

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I came in today nervous and scared but from the moment I came in the front staff was endearing, compassionate and empathetic to my needs. It is clear that the staff and the administration were persistent of making me understand what I needed for my future dental care. Thank you to the entire staff and especially to the front staff, Office Manager and the in house Supervisor. I have set up my fiance for his first visit next week. THANK YOU I look forward to my next visit.

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Individuals of all ages need to have dental exams a minimum of once each year. Dental exams should also be conducted as necessary to assess oral sensitivity, trauma, or other issues that may manifest between appointments. Periodontal disease, the leading instigator of tooth loss and decay, may not cause significant symptoms until the later stages. When oral problems are found promptly, we can usually offer more comprehensive options for treatment.

The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that all infants go to a dental professional before they are a year old. To help young children, our dental professionals can target common issues, such as teething and finger-sucking, and can teach them healthy dental habits as they age.

Comprehensive exams at our New York City practice get underway with an overview of your oral and medical history. Someone on our team might also speak with you about any dental problems or cosmetic smile goals you have to uncover more regarding your overall dental wellness. During specific yearly check-ins, a series of computerized x-rays could be done to provide our team with a well-rounded view of the health of your teeth and bone tissues. We can then conduct a screening for oral cancer, evaluate the evenness of your arches and temporomandibular joints, and look at your teeth for irregularities and the fit of any dental appliances. A periodontal assessment can also be performed to discover existing areas of gum disease.

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Practicing effective dental wellness habits, such as thoroughly brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day, may help decrease your likelihood of getting cavities and periodontal disease. We conduct routine dental exams typically one time per year, frequently at one of your six-month professional teeth cleaning visits; however, we could arrange exams more often for people who have particular dental health concerns. Our facility provides a large number of effective treatments, like tooth-colored dental fillings, bridges, and ceramic veneers, to address your unique smile concerns.

Annual dental assessments fall under preventive treatments, so they are typically paid for by insurance providers. Prior to your appointment, a member of our team will assess your dental plan and contact you with any likely out-of-pocket costs. East Village Dental Center is thrilled to offer many easy payment options to ensure that everyone can get effective, affordable care.

Attaining a healthy smile involves more than just going to your dental care provider when you experience dental pain or something else. Regular dental exams at East Village Dental Center maximize the likelihood of early detection and treatment for oral issues and are essential in safeguarding your smile. Plan your family's yearly oral assessments with our dental team in New York, NY!

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